Brand to Watch: LOW CLASSIC Bags

I’m not quite sure when exactly ‘extra’ went from being a unit of measure to being an adjective used to describe a person, place, or thing, but these days it’s seems like designers are embracing this adjective, putting out one over-the-top bag after the next. In the age of social media it appears that many fashion folk have long sense forgotten the less is more mentality.

However there are still some brands that are embracing minimalism and I’m all for it. Sure I want to look stylish and put together, but I don’t necessarily always want to wear a bag that enters the room before I do. You know, the one that screams ‘look at me I’m here!’ More and more I’m into supplementing the logo bags or bags that are a bit flashier in my collection with classic, simple designs. At the same time, I want a bag that doesn’t sacrifice quality, and sometimes finding the perfect balance is tricky.

A few months ago I was riding the subway when I spotted an uber-stylish woman feverishly typing away on her iPhone. She looked important and I wondered if she was somebody. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her because she was just so, well, cool. I eyed her up and down, taking in her whole look, stopping at her bag, which of course was eye-catching but in a chic, simplistic way. I strained my eyes to read the tiny gold letters and I thought in my head: “LOW CLASSIC,” noted. I went about my day and completely forgot until the other day when I saw the designer pop up on Net-a-Porter.

New to NAP, I’m obsessing over LOW CLASSIC’S modern, minimalist aesthetic. The Seoul-based brand offers bags that are innovative and chic but affordable at the same time. Currently there are three styles for sale on Net-a-Porter, my favorite being the Leather Bucket Bag, though the bag that originally caught my eye is called the Half Moon Bag. Check out our picks below and see more from LOW CLASSIC on Instagram!


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