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Forget Tall Girl Problems & Wear The Heels

At Alloy Apparel, we make fashion for tall women because we believe you deserve to celebrate your body and wear clothing that makes you feel like the queen you are. Being tall is your destiny. Despite certain tall girl problems, your height makes you stand out from the crowd (sometimes literally!) and we believe it’s a quality you should always emphasize, not shy away from.

One of the most common complaints we hear from our tall squad is that tall girls shouldn’t wear heels. Many old school stylists believe heels make us look too tall, towering over our friends or even making our dates feel insecure. But we believe this is one of the biggest myths in fashion for tall women, and it’s a myth we’re ready to see busted once and for all!

As always, our golden rule is to wear what makes you feel comfortable — so if heels just aren’t part of your personal fashion for tall women, you do you! But don’t avoid sexy, sophisticated footwear because shorter gals give them the thumbs-down. Here are 5 reasons tall girls should #WearTheHeels:

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