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Authentic designer handbags are somehow the most wanted items that every woman loves to have in their cupboards. However, the authenticity makes some women can’t afford to buy those expensive handbags. These shops provide secondhand quality handbags in low price.

Generally, the authentic designer handbags discount is always available at the end of every season. The year-end season for example, always encourage the women to spend less money for a good quality of handbag. For more information of authentic designer handbags on sale, you can start by browsing through designer’s official website for the occasion. For woman who is still after authentic designer handbags, then this will present the challenge. Don’t have to fear, there are some ways that you may identify the authentic designer handbag. We are here to help you out! Below are a few designer handbag brands, which we carry & how you may identify real from a fake one and save yourself from the disappointing purchase.

B. Makowsky designer handbags:

The B. Makowsky bags are well known for the supple leather, and chunky hardware. Most of the knock off bags aren’t made from this genuine soft leather & may not have signature satin lining. Search for these characteristics while shopping for B. Makowsky bags. In case, the cost looks very good, then it probably is.

Marc Jacobs hand bags:

These have slanted “i’s”. In case, bag has the upright “i’s” it is probably the fake one. The authentic designer Marc Jacobs bags don’t have the blank zippers. Fortunately, some shops offer authentic designer handbags for less.

Michael Kors hand bags:

This handbag is well known for the trademark square buckles, accents or snaps on handbag. Each Michael Kors handbag has the square accents. Knock offs don’t have the accents or at times forget using logo on their hardware.

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Brahmin handbags:

Rest assured there haven’t been any knock offs discovered of the Brahmin handbags. At a point, the handbags were assembled in China thus never get alarmed in case, you find the authentic, which says “made in China” since these are the authentic designer handbags.

Cole Haan bags:

Cole Haan handbag is notorious for supple and soft leather bags. Whenever you bend this leather, you must not feel any crinkle. In case, leather has the plastic and rough feel, then chances are it is completely fake.

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