Brand to Watch: LOW CLASSIC Bags

I’m not quite sure when exactly ‘extra’ went from being a unit of measure to being an adjective used to describe a person, place, or thing, but these days it’s seems like designers are embracing this adjective, putting out one over-the-top bag after the next. In the age of social media it appears that many fashion folk have long sense forgotten the less is more mentality. However there are still some brands that are embracing minimalism and I’m all for it. Sure I want to look stylish and put together, but I don’t necessarily always want to wear a bag that enters the room before I do. You know, the one that screams ‘look at me I’m here!’ More and more I’m into supplementing the logo bags or bags that are a bit flashier in my collection with classic, simple designs. At the same time, I want a bag that doesn’t sacrifice quality, and sometimes finding the perfect balance is tricky.

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Forget Tall Girl Problems & Wear The Heels

At Alloy Apparel, we make fashion for tall women because we believe you deserve to celebrate your body and wear clothing that makes you feel like the queen you are. Being tall is your destiny. Despite certain tall girl problems, your height makes you stand out from the crowd (sometimes literally!) and we believe it’s a quality you should always emphasize, not shy away from.

One of the most common complaints we hear from our tall squad is that tall girls shouldn’t wear heels. Many old school stylists believe heels make us look too tall, towering over our friends or even making our dates feel insecure. But we believe this is one of the biggest myths in fashion for tall women, and it’s a myth we’re ready to see busted once and for all!

As always, our golden rule is to wear what makes you feel comfortable — so if heels just aren’t part of your personal fashion for tall women, you do you! But don’t avoid sexy, sophisticated footwear because shorter gals give them the thumbs-down. Here are 5 reasons tall girls should #WearTheHeels:

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Six Celebrity Looks We’re Copying Right Now

When it comes to wardrobe inspiration, celebrity fashion is one of our favorite sources for new ideas. We love taking the hottest looks and adapting them to fashion for tall women. Celeb style is also easy to find. From magazines to Instagram, you’ll find hundreds of photos of your favorite actors, musicians and other trendsetters to inspire your next shopping trip.

This season, we’re borrowing looks from a diverse group of ladies. Each one of them has the taste, attitude and unique flair that elevates them from normal celebrity to celebrity fashion icon. These outfits offer a flirty sophistication that works as fashion for tall women or anyone else.

Check out the breakdown below of six fashion looks we can’t resist:

  1. Priyanka Chopra Shows off Reds and Beige
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Cool Wallets for Men and Women – Plenty of Space

We have many kinds of cool wallets. Our cool men wallets are made from real high quality leather with a sophisticate design. There are many options of colors that you can choose from our product list. They are simple to store and give room for photos, money, checkbooks and cards. They are much bulkier than […]

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Laptop Cool Backpacks for Boys and Girls

Since various cool backpacks consist of tremendous amount of types, it may come to a point where you get confused in picking the right backpack. As teenagers are actively involve in everyday extracurricular, courses, and picnics; they need a laptop carrier that enables them to move fast and dynamic. Cool laptop backpacks that are slim […]

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Marketing Campaign Using Promotional Conference Bags

There are many kinds of tote bags for promotional conference needs. It is an indirect tactic used by companies to promote their business and create brand awareness. As cheap conference bags are usable at any occasion, the participants might use your promotional conference bags in their daily life. Hence, the marketing campaign works as you […]

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Tory Burch Coin Purse in Wallets

Tory Burch is an ideal brand of a designer coin purse. It is the most recommended wallet by professional stylists. On the design, the purse offers silky, vintage and cute coin purses for women. This purse is a must have fashion item inside your wardrobe. Some purses of the Tory Burch are redefined by the […]

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Get the Best Price for Cloth Tote Bags

Cloth bags can be handy items as they are able to be utilized in most of your activities. The paper bags, in meantime, as well pose the threat to environment. Though material decomposes as well as is biodegradable, and these bags are actually made out of the trees. For cloth shopping bags, some stores demand […]

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Cheap Tote Bags for Sale – How to Find the Right One

When your budget is getting tighter, look no more to the irresistibly expensive tote bags and turn to cheap tote bags instead. Even though you need to go to the party straight from you office, you may take the official documents all along in the cheap tote bag as it may have space for folders […]

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Tips on Buying Cheap Designer Handbags Online

Some websites offer you a great deal of discount for cheap designer handbags. You should take a look on famous stores that have gained positive reviews from their loyal customers. The second hand, bags are cheaper than purchasing the brand new ones. Also, these are actually sold for the cheap cost and you may also […]

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